There is an energy which comes via our computer screens using false frequencies at level 575.  These are inserted in the interprism spehres and also use false tetrahedron plates. At the same time, false time weave is inserted into the interplates – this makes the field squelchy and easier for this energy to enter.

The false time weave comes in via a false time tube in the interprism spheres – this has 12 coded rotations. It also releases dust, a smoke screen that makes it hard to breathe our alignment and creates a false switch point in the interspheres.

A large cookie cutting false star plate holds the whole thing in place under water – it is the frequency of dirty filmy water. It looks as if they squirt faulty acid plates into our interspheres (the light between the light). It creates false time barriers in the interspheres.

What to do?

Take your computer screen and visualise it around 5 feet behind you – so you are looking at it from behind the back.  This perspective will enable you to view the energetic structure of the rays multi-dimensionally. When I looked there were five beams which overlapped into one as if for target practice coming into my head from the back.

It’s important to note that the beam is NOT coming from the screen in front of you through and into your eyes. It’s actually coming from behind you, from behind the head and into the ears via an inner ocular vibration which creates false prisming spheres in the interplates.

When this happens our fields become vulnerable or are even taken down. As I experienced it, it’s like having your hands tied behind your back and being frogmarched in a direction you don’t want to go, under an external influence of control.

This energetic can also be viewed as a black ball of string with rainbow tips which get ignited. It’s a false parallel reality field plate in the interprism spheres.

Focus attention in front of the eyes now. See how this dynamic comes in via both pupils of the eye where they join at a point in the middle of the head. This may appear as a black crucifix shape, chest of gold coins etc. The inception point is in the lower parallel field plates.

Unplug anything negate you can see; false vampire plates in the interprism spheres unplug. False black sea scrolls in the interprism spheres; all false helix gates in the interprism spheres unplug; all false hydraulics in the interplates unplug, look for a scarecrow or any other negative depications behind your back.

Here is a code sequence that can help:75D +ABT +3TD+3CD for the false prism spheres in the inner matricing plates +75D plus 3DG +3DP+3DC for the inner and outer time cones in the lower prisming spheres and 85D+9TG+9TP in the inner ventricing prisms for the lower left false field plates in the inter prisming spheres.