Hello, I’m an Evening Primrose

Thank you. What would you like to talk about today?
There was a time many thousands of years ago when the land was much flatter than it is now. Back then it was easier to get from one place to another. These days the landscape is far more complicated. There are mountain peaks to navigate and deep sea depths in which to dive.

There are also many maps of which you can take your pick. It is your choice. Will you follow the windy path that intrigues? or the map with the mountain pass through the snow? Would you simply prefer to walk through fields dancing with flowers?

There are as many paths and maps as there are dimensional planes on the new healed Earth. No one is better or worse, higher or lower. They are just different – each to his or her own as they say.

Do plants decide on the dimension of their choice or all go to the same place?
Hmm, that’s a good question. What you are asking is whether we care about making that choice. Does the spirit of Primroses sit in the sixth dimensional layer or do some of us choose to be there and others at different levels. The answer is that the streams of energy take certain shapes and it is the flow of these shapes that indicate the direction we take. We do not have the burden of choice in that it simply happens in the most perfect way.

Have you got any advice on how we can keep our vibrations high in challenging times?
It’s important to remember that you are now in the period that goes beyond duality and whilst it might seem as if the white and black, dark and light – you have already gone further than this stage. This is also an illusion to try and create fear and uncertainty. What you are seeing are the shadows playing out.

When we are being greatly challenged and we feel our vibrational levels fall, how important is it to get them back up as quickly as possible?
Don’t allow yourself to think that you have really dropped your vibration for that too is an illusion. You are here in these times because you absolutely have the ability to hold the space. What happens is that you perceive that you can drop a couple of rungs depending. And whilst this is true at a superficial level, your core essence, will NOT have been diminished – of that you can rest assured.

So, whilst it is important that you pick yourself up quickly, it’s not as if that you have failed in any way. The important thing is to continuously embrace the horizontal flow to the best of your ability.

How do you personally feel about the dance of light and dark through these times? Does it affect you in any way?
Like punctuation, as plants we can help to accentuate and facilitate the flow of light. But we don’t need to decide where to place a comma, how long the sentence should be or whether it ends with a full stop or question mark. For we are just part of the cosmic soup and are perfectly happy to let the energies flow through and around us, whilst at the same time we express the uniqueness of our singularity.

There is no head chef in the restaurant of life, no sous chef or dish washer uppers. There is no difference as far as we are concerned between the interplay of our own vibrations with either material matter or the void and that of the human light interaction. The universal mother does not love us less nor does she consider nature beings to be less important than humans. Trees are not better than pansies because they are bigger or older.

And this is one of the Terms of Engagement for a healed planet, a new dialogue between human beings and plants. Manifestation cannot take place in a hierarchical environment where humans believe that they are at the centre with the rest of us pitching in around you.

Have you got any advice as to how we can hold our highest vibration?

Introduce even greater reflection into everything that you do. Take time to ponder, time to listen to your heart, to the earth. This extra space will help you to soften your thoughts and actions and make it easier to align yourself to the divine flow.

Remember that us plants are your friends and don’t forget to ask us for help and to share your concerns and longings.

Visualise that you are lying on a leaf that is being taken down a river by its currents. As you make the journey the clouds will change shape, the rains will come and go. You will be twirled around in the eddy’s yet all the time you are still held gently and securely. You don’t need to worry about how to get to your destination, you will simply arrive. So enjoy the ride!

In peace!

Thank you Primrose

***Conscious conversations can take place when we enter into oneness with nature beings***
First published on Nicola’s Fifth Dimensional Girl blog.

Photograph: Christian Ferrer, CC BY-SA 4.0 on Wikipedia