What does silence mean to you, Lake Titicaca?
Oneness with the whole.

How do people find silence through your waters?
There are many “me’s” – different aspects depending on the type of silence a person is looking for.

In this picture your surface is so calm it looks like a mirror.
Yes – that’s exactly it – a reflection of the aspect of silence a person is seeking.

Many people just want to skim the surface, to stop the mental chatter long enough in their heads so that they can breathe in the silence and feel calm.

Others are looking for a broader insight. They can take a canoe trip across my waters and gain a more holistic perspective of the silence of the heart, as nature and humans merge.

But for those who can connect with me at an even deeper level, the possibilities are infinite and the connection to be made can even stretch into other galaxies.

Can you help us to understand how to connect with you at this level?
I am one of the deepest lakes in the world. When you access the more profound levels of my presence, you can in turn tune into the cosmic consciousness of which I am just a part.

Imagine that my depths represent different stratas of awareness and cast your intention to the level that you desire.

How is this measured – by depth?
No – it is simply a resonation of your own heart. You will find yourself attracted to the point that is most appropriate at that moment.

I’ll try it for myself if I may? I’m calling on the dolphins to help to guide me. It feels as if a purification process is taking place at the same time. I’m in a crystal chamber, like a grotto – deep, deep down in Lake Titicaca.
Yes – now you can access your innermost desires.

I’d be quite happy to stay in this crystal cave and help magnify this essence outwards and upwards as far as it will go. It’s as if we are a star at the centre of the earth radiating outwards. So I’m just going to sit here and enjoy it for a while…

Can I ask the grotto questions too?

In the dream world, I often find myself in situations which are very involved and exhausting. In the morning I wake up tired and weary. If only my dream world could sometimes be a place of silent re-juvenation. Would it help if I consciously worked with nature in my dreams?

It’s not so much a question of working with nature as it is being embedded within nature. This will take you into a different dream flow.

How do I get there? To a deep point where all is calm and in silence?
Next time you are having one of those problematic dreams, go to within the heart of the silence. Imagine that you are back here in your grotto beneath the waters of Lake Titicaca.

It would be wonderful if I could find a place of silence – if even only for part of the night. A place where I can rest and recuperate as the shadows of the collective play out.
Yes – you can also set the direction before you begin your nightly dream voyage. It’s not a question of opting out. You are simply choosing a different type of sleep experience. Not better, or less good. Just different. Know that you have that choice.

As nature beings we know that the choices are limitless. But human minds constrain and restrict the understanding of choice. By this we mean, the choice you have in every second of every minute of every day to consciously choose what you experience, whether awake or asleep.

This is one of the Terms of Engagement for the New Earth. For it is through the silence of the heart that all choices are available.

Thank you so much Lake Titicaca – I’ll try this out.

***Conscious conversations can take place when we enter into oneness with nature beings***
First published on Nicola’s Fifth Dimensional Girl blog.

Image from Shutterstock.com