Hello – I am a Silverweed (Potentilla Anserina), but you can call me Sid.

Thank you Sid. It’s a pleasure to speak with you. What would you like to share with us tonight?
Uh Hummm, [clears his throat]. Gather around now and listen carefully – but not to me – listen to what the earth has to say.

Can you hear the heartbeat of the earth in your feet? Listen softly. I am going to take you back in time. Deep within Mother Earth is a fire. The fire of her heart, feel the warmth underfoot. Feel the warmth in your hearts. Go back in time further still. Hear the drum beat of the ancestors, feel their hearts thumping to the beat of nature.

Ah hum – just give me a moment whilst I gather myself.

Back in time things were different, you see. There was much respect for nature. Humans and Mother Nature walked much more closely together. There was a harmony, a patterning between the two that was strong and proud on both sides.

That does not sound like our relationship with nature today. What happened?
One day there was a raven sitting in a tree. It was a winter morning and the light was only just starting to break through with the dawn. It was the job of the raven to announce when a storm was on the way and he had done so for many thousands of years – a most respected and valuable source of insight on the weather patterns.

But that morning nobody heard. No one stirred from their deep sleep. He cried out with all his might but no one moved, no one heard. No one was interested. So the day broke and the humans were none the wiser.

What happened next?
Not what you might have expected – Hah! I bet you thought that I was going to say that a big storm came along and the people were unprepared.

Well I did rather assume something of the sort.
Yes – because you did exactly that – you assumed and did not listen deeply with your heart and through your feet. Let’s go back in time again. Feel the heart-beat of mother earth. Feel the gentle thumping of her pulse through your feet.

Now go back to the image of the tree with the raven. What else do you see? Don’t just look with your eyes, listen with your heart, connect with your feet this time.

I can also see its roots intertwined deep down into the ground.
Yes – but there’s something else. Try again. There’s something else you missed. Take another look. You missed Mother Earth. You were so focused on the tree, both seen and the unseen, that you forgot to listen to her. Go back and listen through your heart and through your feet to what she was saying. Take your time. Too much haste, less speed as they say.

Ahh – I get it! Just like the cycle of nature they are all interconnected? The raven, the tree, the people and Mother Earth. Is that it?
Yes – well done!

The people were slumbering so they did not hear the raven. You were slumbering so you did not hear Mother Earth. She would have told you that because humans were so wrapped up in themselves, that they did not hear the raven and as the raven had no one to tell about the incoming storms, it lost a connection to humans.

But the raven also lost a reason for making the connection to the tree, because it was in fact the tree that told the raven when a new weather front was on the way in. They can send messages through their roots from hundreds of miles away, you know. And as the roots of the trees no longer had a need to vibrate this message, their relationship with Mother Earth was also diminished.

So what you are saying is that us humans acted as a catalyst in the breakdown of communication between nature beings and Mother Earth?
What I am saying is that human beings lost the knowledge and understanding of how to communicate with Nature. And, all of us were in some way diminished by that loss.

However, there here was a time when humans did hold nature in higher regard. A time when communication between humans, plants, trees, and other nature beings was considered quite normal and provided a valuable two-way exchange.

One reason for this stronger connection was that there was time and space to listen back then. And if you want to re-connect with nature, you too need to find a new framework, one where time and space are in tune with the nature cycles as well as the way of your lands.

Time to listen to Mother Nature’s soft communication through your feet and time to find a space for her in your heart. Time and space to absorb, feel and consider that which is immediately apparent and that which is under the surface. And time and space to understand and live your lives not just for yourselves, but as part of an interconnected whole in a biodiverse and natural world.

Is there any advice that you can give us about how to listen to and to understand her better?
Remember the story of the tree and the things that you missed which were very much a part of the picture. If your own feet had been more deeply rooted, you would not have missed this subtle information. If you had been tuned into this vibratory connection, a deeper level of dialogue would have taken place.

To help secure the future of the planet, it will be essential to both listen and communicate with the nature beings and remember through your feet to sign up to the new Terms of Engagement with Nature. It’s very simple. You can do this when walking in a town or in the country, by the sea or in the mountains.

As your feet touch the ground, transmit as if in morse code, and with all the might of your heart, your commitment to the planet. Tap this message through the soles of your feet and as you do so, say:

True to the depths of the earth I am
True to the stars in the sky
True to my heart – the sun and the moon
As the roots of the trees intertwine – see the truth of the light divine.

This is one of the Terms of Engagement for the new healed earth.

Thank you very much Sid – of great experience – Silverweed

***Conscious conversations can take place when we enter into oneness with nature beings***
First published on Nicola’s Fifth Dimensional Girl blog.

Image: AnRo0002 – Own work, CC0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=26736012