You are so ancient and such a beautiful spirit. Where do you come from?
I come from the oneness, from the stars. Never frozen in time – always evolving.

How to you help to hold space for the Antarctic?
Through the ripples of the water – from the North Pole across the planet.

The Antarctic told me that you are having a hard time playing your part in holding the planetary ecosystem together and that your energy systems are being messed with. And I hear that this also impacts the work that you do together for the planetary equilibrium. What’s going on?
Yes, similar to water when there is an oil slick, the integrity of the structure changes and it cannot do its job. When our energies are gunged up – this in turn impacts the flow around the rest of the world. We are itchy as the axis is chafing, the lubrication is lacking.

It looks to me like a knee joint and ball. It’s as if the synovial fluid is not flowing properly which means that your joint cannot rotate fully.

So the key is to un-gunge the fluid and help to free up your energy flow. What exactly is impacting your energy field?

Plantations of what?
Rods – deep in the ice.

Electromagnetic vibrations (from wind turbines) polluting the energetic resonance of the waters. Pins in the Mother’s heart. Malicious intent towards the natural world for the greed of others, for financial gain.

Electronic sound beams refracting false frequencies into the internodes. As a result, the correct currents cannot flow properly and the vibration is lower in density. And there is one energy stream in particular that is important for the rotation.

The currents flow underneath – they cannot all be seen. There is an underground connection between the North Pole and Giza. This acts as a sort of ionic distillation centre. It is where left and right are balanced, where upswings in the planetary polarities are soothed.

We are going to go full circle in a new circle/cycle – the past does not matter – It’s time for change and for new understandings about how the planetary equilibrium is held in place.

Thank you – yes – we understand.

***Conscious conversations can take place when we enter into oneness with nature beings***
First published on Nicola’s Fifth Dimensional Girl blog.

Photograph: Wikipedia Commons / NOAA/Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory.