Hello – you look really calm and content – like a deep knowingness.
Knowingness is ever evolving, true knowingness is unfathomable to many humans.

Because in 3D when there are depths, you reach the bottom. But in true knowingness there is no bottom, no boundaries, no containment. It is ever evolving.

People in the world are uncertain and fearful right now. It’s as if the knowingness is missing. Why is this?
And fidgety too.

Yes – a feeling of being unsettled.
This is where the nature beings can help. Through the roots of the trees and via the roots of your feet grounded and firm, knowingness is sucked upwards into the branches and drawn into the body.

Is the knowingness a message from Gaia?
This knowingness confirms that humans can be one with the universe and the universal patterning of this planet, as expressed through the diversity of the nature beings and animals.
We “walk” the planet too you know.

I was hoping you would say that!
Along with the white lions and the spirit bears, there are other nature beings that “walk” with us.

Can we walk out into the tall grass together?

I can feel the grass on my calves as the wind shimmers. Like a sea of knowingness across the prairie.
Do you want to be in the knowingness?

Knowingness is timelessness. The end of time as you know it will facilitate knowingness. It is simply about letting go of the need to control and be controlled by external circumstances.

Nyanga the white lioness talks about how the white lions have been called to share with humans that we are all one and equal, and the spirit bear talks about a new clock with a dial that is no longer divided between the darkness of the night and the light of the day. When you “walk” together what is the message of the white bison?
The flow of knowingness will only come as you learn to let go, and the more you let go the more space will open to let in the flow.

It is a flow that is wavy – not straight. One that ebbs and flows.
Yes, the curve of the planet and its orbits, the curve of your spines as your bodies undulate with movement. As the relief of letting go into the knowingness is expressed a pool emerges into which your tears can flow.

And as the deep release into the oneness flows, concentric rings of relief morph outwards to the outer circumference of the planet.

Then with the in-breath, a deep and indestructible knowingness is drawn inwards to the heart, your own heart – the heart of Gaia. Teardrops into the oceans of oneness for knowingness to emerge.

The knowingness of being held in the oneness is such a huge relief.
Yes, it is time to `walk` the planet purposefully now. You can all walk with us. We perceive the tiredness of the hearts, souls, spirits and bodies of many of you and we are extending a helping hand. To all who are working so hard in these times, but who are also tired – exhausted even.

Don’t give up on yourselves for the outcome is already assured. You will know this truth from the heart as you enter the knowingness.

Can you help us with a visualisation so that we can `walk` with you purposefully and in a way that integrates, revitalises, replenishes and nutures?
Visualise a white lion, a spirit bear and a white bison. Let’s sit down in the tall grass and have a picnic together. Would you like that?

Yes please! that sounds wonderful.
What would you like in your picnic hamper?

A red tartan rug would be really smart. And my favourite treat at the moment is oat milk with chocolate powder – no sugar.
Anything else?

This is fun!
(Nyanga the white lioness roars in agreement)

So how do we all walk the planet together?
We walk the vibration of change and transformation around the planet daily. The knowingness of the white Bison acts as an assurance, a resonance that all is well. Do not think of this walk as a long and arduous plod or trek, a dusty road – something that is challenging or has to be done.

As nature beings, our spirits roam free across the planet. Our spirits are not bound by rules and regulations, cultural difference, country barriers or geographic challenges.

As you sit with us on this picnic rug in the knowingness (that we are all one and all) your hearts can open fully and your spirits will roam (walk) the planet with us.

We’ll be back tomorrow for more hot chocolate – how about 4.00pm?
Yes – we can meet like this any time – night or day. The inner confidence of the knowingness is one of the Terms of Engagement for the new earth where humans and nature beings can live together in oneness.

This has been truly wonderful – thank you ever so much.

***Conscious conversations can take place when we enter into oneness with nature beings***