Hello – This is an unusual topic! You are such a beautiful green frog, so smooth and shiny!

I really don’t know much about magic – where would you like to start?
There is a kingdom of magic which sits within the animal kingdom.

Do you reside permanently in the kingdom of magic?

Can you access it?

When do you go there?
When we are directed by the winds?

That’s interesting
The messages undulate and flow in the winds.

So the wind is a medium for communication?
Yes – like a loudspeaker for the planet, the wind will broadcast what is going on that day and we can pick up requests?

How does this system operate?
The messages flow through us in the wind and it is how we resonate with this flow that matters.

How does the magic happen?
Through the water connect we can distil and refine down to the divine essence.

How do you know whether or not to do something with the information you receive?
We just listen. It comes through the wind – from Gaia in the wind.

Have you been involved in lots of magic?
Yes – on a daily basis.

Can all the animal kingdom sit in the magic?
Yes – all of us. From the eagles, dolphins, lions and salamanders to the alligators and giraffes – all do.

How exactly does magic happen?
Divine alchemy.

How do you interpret the messages you receive from Gaia?
We interpret the information as maps. Depending on the request, the constellation of the stars will be mapped to certain earth points underneath.

Do you mean as above so below?
Yes – we transmute until this connection is re-activated. A transformation in the blink of an eye.

Do you know why you were chosen for the role?
It was at our own request.

Can we make a request to you for magic in our own lives?
No – go to Gaia.

Is the kingdom of magic the same as the kingdom of miracles?
These are different. There is a separate process that does not involve us. You may see the two as one and the same, but for us they are different.

Magicians have wands and use them to do tricks.
In the 3D perspective tricks can be learned. This mirage is a reflection of the experience or lack of expansion of awareness to be found in the third dimensional plane.

Have humans ever been allowed into the kingdom of magic?
No – it is well protected within the animal kingdom.

Can you give us any examples of the sort of information or requests that you receive from Gaia.
Ask Gaia

Gaia’s response
The requests can come in from all beings as collectives; animals, plants, devic kingdom, humans etc where there is a lack of harmony or integration between individual groups and the whole. These translate as discordant musical notes and patterns that are out of synch with the divine plan.

Thank you very much – it has been a real pleasure.

***Conscious conversations can take place when we enter into oneness with nature beings***
First published on Nicola’s Fifth Dimensional Girl blog.

Image: Dreamstime.com