Can you please explain string theory in simple language – what’s helpful for us to know?
Moose: When we put different molecules and particles together in a line we create a string or moment in time and space when all is aligned to the original oneness molecules and particle fields. The energetic time planes required are quite unique. Turn it to the right – No, that’s not quite correct. Turn it to the left, nearly but not quite. That’s because quite particular and advanced time plane rhythms are required.

Please tell us something it would be helpful to know about string theory?
Moose: It’s important for the equation dynamics for the trending spheres. What are trending spheres you ask? In what is called the law of probability there are a certain number of Yes, No, Maybe sequencing fields. They look one way within the traditional matrix field templates and another way when outside those strictures and structures.

In what you refer to as the matrix, timeline continuations are not correctly sequenced in that the mind-map templating and this prevents a true connection with the Oneness potential of all that is. However, in the Mirror Matrix, those templating restrictions have been lifted for the out of time and space experience and experience.

What is the relationship between timelines and trending spheres?
Moose: Imagine a mountain with a beautiful craggy brook running down one side. When it rains the water flows faster. This is because magnetic adhesions in the cloud rain spheres create a re-combination dynamic, whereby there is a temporary acceleration as they come together for the downpour.

In the same way, timeline contemplations can speed up or slow down, they can accelerate and when they do so, new and unbounded spheres of opportunity in time and space (new timelines) open up. This is a good example of what we mean by the Beyond the Beyond timelines.

Thank you. Please do tell us more about spheres
Moose: The spheres are also an expanded form of enlightenment or consciousness as when things get lighter they can speed up – and speed up they must for the new and accelerated timelines.

Imagine a sphere that is a ball of rainbow string and now start to unravel it. Notice that the string is thinner in parts and thicker in other parts. In some places it looks as if it expands gently outwards, takes a breath and then constricts again. So whilst it is a ball of rainbow string it is also a unique interpretation of each of your own journeys.

There is an energetic flow as well – imagine a flowey rainbow line gently bouncing up and down and down and up, a bit like a pulse. A pulse in time space potential.

In the 3D understanding of string theory, the inner and outer bounding patterns create elliptical spheres, whereas the multi-dimensional nuancing is much more subtle. This is because the inner planes on the horizontal fields are also accessed as part of the time matrix templating. You can access the infinite time fields – they are available now – and are no longer constricted in time and space.

By this do you mean that we can access an infinite number of potential timelines in the now moment?
Temporal time-plates have put certain restrictions in place impacting the horizontal nuancing patterns. To remove these restrictions go back to your mountain stream and dip in your feet. There is some information deep in your heart that you can access now to lift these time-plate restrictions.What do you feel?

It feels cold and light and tingly. I can see what looks like a black half-moon in my brain and then another and another – they all intersect at a central point (15 in total). We are unplugging them now.
Moose: As you do so your circumference wheel expands.

Thank you – Yes, I can feel a new alignment taking place. In this alignment I am the water as the stream flows down the mountain and the stream is me. I feel a tingling throughout my body as if that mountain river stream is me and I am that mountain river stream. I ask for truth, I align as truth, I am truth on this day in the oneness and as the oneness.

Thank you dear friend, thank you.

***Conscious conversations can take place when we enter into oneness with nature beings***
First published on Nicola’s Fifth Dimensional Girl blog.

Moose image by Hagerty Ryan, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on Wikipedia