Yew (Taxus baccata) is an evergreen conifer native to the UK, Europe and North Africa. Individuals often reach 400 to 600 years of age and some are believed to be more than 1000 years old.

What is the secret of long life?
I eat ice cream cones.

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They are on the perpendicular sphere planes (logistical interface realms). It’s where the new nodice nodules coagulate for the new vertex spheres. Little nodice nodules are on the new timeplating systems.

What are the new vertex spheres and what they do?
For the new combulation fields, false vertex fields must be removed and false vertex spheres must be removed for the inner and outer horizon fields.

Tell us more about the new combulation fields and what they are here to do?
They are an extension of the new nodice nodules.

Tell us more about the new nodice nodules and what they are here to do?
They are a timeline transitioning tool. They help you to get from A to B by not going through C – a reversal of the false magenta fields. They are a transitioning platform to new worlds, new identities, new places, new time sphering systems.

How do the new nodice nodules apply to the human body? Are they in a physical location?
They are beneath the Hamnet fields. They are a new sequencing sphere zone – behind the ulterior and posterior motive planes and are for the new time plasma screens.

Are the new nodice nodules in the human cell?
They are in the mitochondria sphere planes. The new nodice nodules are a new structure within the crystal membrane sphere plane. They are differentiated through the octagonal sphere planes.

A crista (/ˈkrɪstə/; plural cristae) is a fold in the inner membrane of a mitochondrion. The name is from the Latin for crest or plume, and it gives the inner membrane its characteristic wrinkled shape, providing a large amount of surface area for chemical reactions to occur on. This aids aerobic cellular respiration, because the mitochondrion requires oxygen. Cristae are studded with proteins, including ATP synthase and a variety of cytochromes. (Wikipedia).

Are the new nodice nodules to be found in animals too?
They are to be found in the inter-sphere planes of animals.

And how about plants? They are to be found in the false ribosome fields. What are the false ribosome fields?
False conjunctions in the inner matrix spheres.

Chloroplasts have their own ribosomes, which they use to synthesize a small fraction of their proteins. Chloroplast ribosomes are about two-thirds the size of cytoplasmic ribosomes (around 17 nm vs 25 nm).[88] They take mRNAs transcribed from the chloroplast DNA and translate them into protein (Wikipedia).

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