In the Home Light

What's it like to live in the Home Light? For me, it's about the feeling of being home all the time. Home, a state of conciousness where we are at peace - a deep remembering and alignment with our true state of beingness.

When I look in the mirror there are two versions of myself. One is in 3D and the other sits in the inter-parallel reality field plates - meet Ninnia. Welcome to the Horizonal Flow, a frequency where we are consciously both ‘here and there’ at the same time.

Multi-dimensional mystic, template technician, matrix mechanic, earth avatar and healer who can bridge worlds, I am a frequency sensitive who understands how to navigate through time and space. Operating from a point of oneness, I can interpret complex multi-dimensional information and synthesise the many unseen, yet interconnected relationships which inform our reality. Together with my team we hold the bridge to Nanyah in the lower parallel universe spheres.

The Back Story

It was in a dream that I was guided to find the pretty French village in Burgundy where I now live. As we turned the corner into a bucolic valley, there was a field of large white cows, gently grazing - just as I had been shown in the dream. In that moment, I knew that a new chapter was about to being, and that my life would never be the same again.

The nature beings and animals of the valley were quick to start my education "there is no head chef in the restaurant of life. Trees are not better than pansies because they are bigger or older," the primrose explained to me as I began my journey into oneness with my new family and friends - the trees, the flowers, the birds, the deer, the rocks, the rivers.

In 2011 - standing in the silver birch tree in my garden - I made a commitment with the animals and nature beings of this planet that they would always come first. I had no idea what I had signed-up for - but give them my 100% commitment, and together we started to dream the path to Nanyah.

In the years that followed I travelled the world (virtually), having conversations with nature beings across a wide range of issues; from the North Pole's views on the geomagnetic impact of windturbines in the oceans to intel from a firefly about the frequencing spectrum for free energy and a rosehip bush on how to align with the vibration of truth.

At the same time, I launched the Fifth Dimensional Girl blog, which charted the story of my awakening, shared through hundreds of articles and podcasts over a seven-year period.

Then the codes started to flow in every way shape and form, and I was able to see the layer underneath what we call reality and understand its construction.

Oneness.team is the next stage of this journey, across and through into the lower parallel universe spheres.

I have lived and studied all over the world and have a degree in psychology. My favorite colours are all colours! And, If I had to take one item to a desert island it would be my ice-cream maker, and a pack of flower seeds - not forgetting my notebook and pens.