Living in the Home Light

My Story

It was in a dream that I was guided to find the picturesque French village that I now call home. As we turned the corner into a bucolic valley, there were large white cows gently grazing - just like in my dream. In that moment, I knew that a new chapter was about to being, and that my life would never be the same again.

Shortly after arriving, I found that my team was already waiting and that there was much work to do! Who are my team? They are the animals, birds, insects, little worms that wriggle, the mountains, trees, lakes, flowers, grass - all nature beings.

They started by explaining that in the horizontal flow we are all equal as One, or as a primrose flower put it "There is no head chef in the restaurant of life. Trees are not better than pansies because they are bigger or older. In other words, says the primrose, we are all equal with nature. And, the manifestation of a healed Earth cannot take place in a hierarchical environment where humans believe that they are at the centre of everything."

Next, it was time to get up-to-speed and starting meeting team members to hear what they had to say.

In the years that followed I 'travelled' the world, and had conversations with nature beings on a wide range of issues; from the rock thorium on what it’s like to be used in chemtrails to the North Pole's views on the geomagnetic impact of windturbines in the oceans. From intel from a firefly about the frequencing spectrum for free energy to a rosehip bush on how to align with the vibration of truth.

It was so amazing – everyone wanted to speak.... From Machu Picchu to Kilimanjaro, from Lake Titicaca to Uluru and Mount Everest – my friends took me into their confidence; giraffes, lions, ants, deer, bears. And, it wasn't just about the information, the coversations were just as likely to include practical advice, guidance and tips.

I cannot stress enough how deeply the nature beings feel and understand the many challenges humans face, and they are also very concerned about the destruction of the planet, risks to the very fabric of nature and its biodiversity and climate change. As they described it to me "creation is being torn apart and this is impacting all beings at many dimensional levels" - both seen and unseen.

It's not all about us

According to a recent study, the world’s 7.6 billion people represent just 0.01% of all living things, yet our actions have led to the loss of 83% of all wild mammals and half of all plantlife.

You may be suprised to hear that the animals and nature beings very much want to help heal the planet, and to work in partnership with us to achieve this. They have an enormous amount of wisdom and insight. Are you ready to listen to them?