Living in the Home Light

My team mean the world to me; my galactic family and friends, the nature beings and animals. Life revolves around them and the work that we do, and I am deeply committed to this in every way, shape and form.

It’s a really intense experience 24/7, but being in this flow makes me very happy. It’s not about dedication to a cause or trying to help save the planet, it’s about being aligned to a deeply-felt truth and living in the home light.

There was a time when I did not understand why I was here - this world just didn't add up. My team have helped me to make sense of things and it is this multi-dimensional knowledge, wisdom and understanding that we are here to share with you now - across the horizontal flow and into Beyond the Beyond.

Multi-Dimensional Expression

Super-sighted, life presents as codes, which means that I can see the layer underneath what we call reality and understand its construction.

It's a bit like being a living, walking, coding machine – ok - so I’m not a machine, but I am permanently switched on and the codes never stop. These come in a multitude of ways through colour frequencies, colour combinations, alpha-numeric combinations, number codes, tones, drawings, symbols, galactic language and hand/body movement.

When I look in the mirror there are two versions of myself. One is in 3D and the other sits in the inter-parallel reality field plates in the fifth dimension and beyond. Welcome to the Horizonal Flow, a frequency where we are consciously both ‘here and there’ at the same time.

It was in 2011 that I was invited to help the animals and nature beings of this planet with a different way forward, based on new Terms of Engagement. What a joy and honour! I had no idea what I had signed-up for - but gave it my 100% commitment and devotion.

At the time I was also guided to launch the Fifth Dimensional Girl blog, which charted the story of my awakening and subsequent journey, featuring hundreds of articles and podcasts over a seven year period. is the next stage of this journey.

3-D Stuff

I live in a picturesque French village surrounded by lots of trees, nature beings and animals. My favourite colours are all colours! I love walks in the rain with the dogs.

Just being with my team is simply the best! They call me Ninnia or Ninni for short. Ninnia is a star child in a parallel reality, and it is the embodiment of this multi-dimensional aspect of myself which twins with Nicola (my 3D version).