Living in the Home Light

My Journey

I am a frequency expert, multi-dimensional explorer and healer, who works exclusively with the horizontal flow energies. My job is to align energetic frequencies to this spectrum to facilitate both expanded consciousness and healing.

I have always had a fascination with frequencies - initially it was herbs, homeopathy and flower essences. In 2011, my journey of personal discovery shifted gear and I began to experience expanded multi-dimensional frequencies and learned how to use them in my daily life.

At the same time, an ever closer connection with my `higher self` helped me to understand the many limitations of this planetary experience, and how they can be seen through a different lens of perspective and transcended through the horizontal flow.

This re-connection to what I call my 'home' frequency changed everything. Super-sighted, life now presents as a coded quantum reality, where pre-matter building blocks are as real as what we call the physical.

As an interface and conduit for this frequency, when working together we will tap into multi-dimensional information, including new colour frequencies, alpha-numeric combinations, what’s known as 'light language', mudras, tones and movement.

I like to think of the horizontal flow as an exciting new era, a renaissance - the freedomw to go beyond the beyond. One that strips away the filter of the illusion and shifts our perception of reality in a way that deepens and enriches how we experience life.

The Back Story

It was in a dream that I was guided to find the pretty French village where I now live. As we turned the corner into a bucolic valley, there was a field of large white cows, gently grazing - just as I had been shown in the dream. In that moment, I knew that a new chapter was about to being, and that my life would never be the same again.

My multi-dimensional team was already ready and waiting and I was told that there was much work to do! They started by explaining that in the horizontal flow we are all equal as One, or as a primrose flower put it, "there is no head chef in the restaurant of life. Trees are not better than pansies because they are bigger or older".

In the years that followed I travelled the world (virtually), having conversations with nature beings across a wide range of issues; from the rock thorium on what it’s like to be used in chemtrails to the North Pole's views on the geomagnetic impact of windturbines in the oceans. From intel from a firefly about the frequencing spectrum for free energy to a rosehip bush on how to align with the vibration of truth. It's always so much fun talking to the nature beings and hearing their unique prespectives.

In 2011, I launched the popular Fifth Dimensional Girl blog, which charted the story of my awakening over a seven-year period. In 2018, this was taken off-line to make way for - the next stage of the journey.

The common thread at each stage of my life has been a connection with the nature beings and animals of this planet, together with a love of children.

I have a degree in psychology and continue to enjoy my career in the business world as a marketing and PR consultant. My favorite colours are all colours! And, If I had to take one item to a desert island it would be my ice-cream maker.