Helping our Friends

I have a deep heart connection with animals and working with them brings me enormous joy. At a multi-dimensional level we work with the horizontal flow to optimise timelines,repair DNA, re-squence genes, remove hybridision plates and help clear and protect the animal's field.

More recently, my work with animals has moved to a new level, where we help them to understand more about what they can do to help heal themselves.

We can also facilitate soul transition as well as re-incarnation back to the same family.

Sessions take place via Skype and cost $75 / 65 Euro/ £60 for a 50 minute session. This includes a pre-briefing on the issue to be addressed in advance of the first session and a post session follow-up call.

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Ziggy's Story

"It has been 12 months since the vet told us it was time to put our beautiful boy Ziggy to sleep. ‘Let’s just wait out the weekend, have a few more days with him, and see how he is after that’, urged my husband.

Thankfully, during this time I reached out to Nicola and her multi-dimensional team. What an amazing, inspiring and beautiful journey it has been and continues to be. A healing process and journey full of sparkly twinkly light, boundless love and compassion, and a sense that anything is possible given the right conditions and intentions.

It’s not a one-way passive process. It has required a profound commitment our end. And it’s not fluffy either - there have been lots of practical steps to take, including tapping into the many wonders of nature as recommended by Nicola.

I feel that I have personally evolved along the way, and the bond I have with our boy has deepened beyond anything I could have imagined. I have also come to appreciate even more deeply through this work how amazing and evolved dogs are! The process has also been lots of fun.

What a gift. It has been such an honour to be involved in his healing. I am deeply grateful for, and bowled over by, all that the Team have done."

Liz Hall