Helping our Friends

I have always had a very close connection with animals as well as trees, plants and other nature beings. It makes me so happy to be able to help them when they are sick or need a helping hand. Equally, they have always been there for me as well in times of need.

The healing work I do with animals takes place in a vibrational stream called the Horizontal Flow. This resonance frequency is used by animals, birds, fish, insects and trees, flowers, mountains, deserts, oceans - all beings of nature - to connect in a shared multi-consciousness space.

When used in healing, the Horizontal Flow helps to shift the body into an optimised state of harmony and equilibrium, which facilitates transformation within the intra-cellular matrix as well as at an extra-cellular level.

Ideally, as a result of the session, your animal friend will also become more aware of how they can activate their own self-healing capacities and learn to protect themselves more effectively from disruptive energies moving forward.

At times of illness and grief, challenging life situations often turn into unexpected blessings; an opportunity to strengthen bonds and connect at deeper levels than ever before. This is especially true when it comes to working with animals as they are highly sensitive and receptive sentient beings.

Sessions take place on Uberconference and costs $85 / 75 Euros for a 50 minute session. This includes a pre-briefing exchange in advance of the first session and a follow-up call afterwards if necessary.

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Ziggy's Story

"It has been 20 months since the vet told us it was time to put our beautiful boy Ziggy to sleep. "Let’s just wait out the weekend, have a few more days with him, and see how he is after that," urged my husband.

Thankfully, during this time I reached out to Ninna and her team. What an amazing, inspiring and beautiful journey it has been and continues to be. A healing process and journey full of sparkly twinkly light, boundless love and compassion, and a sense that anything is possible given the right conditions and intentions.

It’s not a one-way passive process. It has required a profound commitment our end. And it’s not fluffy either - there have been lots of practical steps to take, including tapping into the many wonders of nature as recommended by Ninnia.

I feel that I have personally evolved along the way, and the bond I have with our boy has deepened beyond anything I could have imagined. I have also come to appreciate even more deeply through this work how amazing and evolved dogs are! The process has also been lots of fun.

What a gift. It has been such an honour to be involved in his healing. I am deeply grateful for, and bowled over by, all that the Team have done."

Liz Hall

Zig passed over on 2nd July 2019