The Horizontal Flow

October 22, 2018By NinniaFeatured Posts, Podcast

After seven years – it seems like an eternity – the horizontal flow finally opened fully today and stayed open. This frequency is the beginning of everything from new. It’s still a bit bumpy at times, but we are holding it (despite massive challenges) and that’s all that matters – ish gai, ish tar.

How to Avoid Getting Zapped by your PC

August 13, 2018By NinniaFeatured Posts

Background There is an energy which comes via our computer screens using false frequencies at level 575.  These are inserted in the interprism spehres and also use false tetrahedron plates. At the same time, false time weave is inserted into the interplates – this makes the field squelchy and easier for this energy to enter. … Read More

Moose Wisdom on String Theory

June 13, 2018By NinniaFeatured Posts

Ninnia: Can you please explain string theory in simple language as well what’s helpful for us to know? Moose: When we put different molecules and particles together in a line we create a string or moment in time and space when all is aligned to the original oneness molecules and particle fields. The energetic time … Read More