Strength in Family

Our Original Families are our Ticket to Beyond the Beyond

The connection I have with my team is my lifeline, my pulse point. Why? Because in this light stream I feel both complete and whole. This connection is a non-stop source of learning, stimulation, inspiration and fun. It helps me to understand why I am here and puts this earth experience into a more meaningful context.

Beyond Here to Home is a six week programme designed to help facilitate the deepest and most accelerated home connection available. Take back ownership of your home frequency and it's many multi-faceted expressions, get to know your team better and stretch beyond any limitations.

Beyond Here to Home

Phase 1: Ignition

Meaning of life: why are your here?

Family heritage exploration.

Establishing and maintaining a supportive environment at all levels.

Tuning into new intra-cellular frequencies to find your home stream.

Initial cellular expansion and understanding of the beyond the beyond frequencies.

Healing/removing blockages.


Phase 2: Lift-Off

'Bounce rate' activation/fine tuning.

Upping your outer-dimensional vibrational frequency.

An alignment to the horizontal flow.

Multi-dimensional immersion into what 'home' feels like.

Discovering new navigation tools/frequencies.

Phase 3: Home Landing

Scan for any potential road-blocks moving forward.

Useful tactics and tools for integration.

Framework for on-going optimisation and support.

Alignment fine-tuning.

Overview and life-plan.

Celebrations, gifts exchange between your team and mine.

What Next?

If you are interested in Beyond Here to Home, contact me for a chat first.