Navigating Our Environmental Reality

We live in a constant energetic smog from 5G and satellites to infrasound, radar systems and various microwave and radio frequencies - our cells are being constantly zapped.

Unfortunately, the saturation of these frequencies is causing sub-molecular damage to our cells, as well as to the cellular infrastructure of animals, trees and plants.

For sensitive people, this frequency overload presents a labyrinth of daily challenges. When you are having problems sleeping, being pulsed by your smartphone and thrashed around by 5G, it can be both overwhelming and dispiriting. Worse still, there's no escape from the dissonance these external stimulii can create in our bodies. And, feelings of discombuluation, being out-of-synch, poor co-ordination, distraction and even burning in the body can have a profoud impact on the quality of our lives.

By tuning into deep cellular structures, I can help to identify both the source and impact of an incoming frequency. Once the source of the problem has been identified, I use use multi-dimensional tools and techniques to change that state of deep cellular awareness, so that the way in which our body interacts with the frequency shifts and is no longer problematic.

How I Can Help

Pitch Perfect: Frequency Protection and Healing

Frequency sensitivity busting sessions / Cost:$350 (1.5 hours)

Pre-recorded frequency clearing audios / Cost:$60

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