Finding Peace Amid the Noise

The New Environmental Reality

Frequency pollution is out of control. 5G, satellites, infra-sound from wind turbines, radar systems and various microwave and radio frequencies are distorting creation. The saturation of these frequencies is causing sub-molecular change and damage to our cells as well as animals, trees and plants. As if that wasn't bad enough, it is also disrupting higher consciousness streams via a restrictive ‘energetic smog’ that even extends into the solar system.

Essentially, we are now in the midst of a land-grab for control of planetary frequencies. Consciousness has become a commodity and DNA is the new gold. Technology is now so advanced that AI and the Internet of Things can intermesh reality beyond anything we can imagine.

In this space, consciousness can be harnessed and Oneness turned into distorted algorithms. It's time to unite with the nature beings and animals so that together we can transcend this multi-dimensional prison.

For sensitive people and those who are highly attuned to their soul connection, this overload presents a labyrinth of daily challenges. When you are being woken up by frequencies coming in via satellites at night as well as being thrashed around by 5G, it can feel both overwhelming and dispiriting.

Worse still, a growing number of civilians (TIs), are being targeted by military grade frequency weapons in sophisticated consciousness experiments and left to fend for themselves in `virtual` electronic prisons.  The animals are also being targeted by frequencies.

How I Can Help

This series of clearing audios is designed to remove some of the key higher dimensional building blocks that are helping these frequencies to make a body match. Once these structures are removed, we start to feel the impact of these frequencies far less. Some may even disappear completely.

That said, I strongly recommend anyone dealing with frequency overload to take a holistic approach that includes reducing sources of electrical sensitivity where possible, as well as reducing toxins and stress on the body more generally.

Pitch Perfect: Frequency Navigational Tools and Clearings

Package: This package consists of five pre-recorded clearing audios to cover the basic infrastructures, plus one 30 minute live session if necessary. Cost: $135

Real-Time Sleep Sessions: Individual clearings at whatever time of the night you are waking up with frequency sensitivity. Cost: $75

Pre-recorded Audio: 20-30 minute individual clearing multi-dimensional frequency audio. Cost: $45

Tailored multi-dimensional audio to clear body, soul and mind of the frequencies that have come in overnight and to optimise your timelines so that you have a great week ahead.  Cost: $50

For more information or to book a session, get in touch with me