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In the members section we pump up the volume! This is a place to dance and play. Together, we can tune into optimised timelines, accelerate into new multi-dimensional velocities and spin colour in the interprism spheres.

As a member, you'll be able to access unique material, join weekly live events, experiment, share and work with me directly. If you'd like to find out more or have a chat first, send me a message via the contact page.

Membership costs US $ 20 per month payable via a Paypal subscription that can be cancelled at any time. As a next step, please fill in the form at the bottom of this page to express your interest and we'll get back to you ASAP.


  • Get full access to hundreds of hours of unique audio material, including material from my original Fifth Dimensional Girl Blog.
  • Access to posts with the latest insights and information on what’s happening 'behind the scenes'.
  • The opportunity to contribute and suggest topics for our live weekly events.
  • Access to the archive of all weekly events and recordings if you can’t make it on the day.
  • Special offers for animal healing and other programmes on offer in the public section of the site.
  • Take part in the private Telegram group.

Forthcoming Events

Our live webinars use the highly-rated Crowdcast platform for maximum interactivity and are accessible to anyone with a PC, Mac or mobile device.

Back to School

We are entering a period of multi-dimensional renaissance. When it comes to our bodies, new sequencing overlays from the parallel reality spheres can produce physical 3D change. These webinars will unwrap unique new healing modalities for helping others, self-healing and cellular revisions. To include mind-control and removal of implants, overlays and false impression plates from our brains as well as hormonal overlays.

Mountain Conversations

A forward-looking series with the mountains where we can ask them questions about where they see the planet heading, as well as how we can work with them to expand our own conscious awareness. Previously, Mount Sinai shared a beautiful meditation that activates the crust of the earth, so that we can walk the vibration of peace across the planet in a merged vibration. Share and come together as one with the mountains of the planet.

New Frequency Spectrums

The oceans, lakes, rivers and glaciers have stepped forward to introduce us to a series of new shared frequencies. As part of the horizontal flow synchronisation plates, these can help to knit us together as one with the nature beings. This is a team collaboration, where working as one group, we bring through new and never before experienced (on this planet) frequencies, which will in turn open up exciting new timeline potentials.

Staying Safe

Powerful and disruptive frequency beams are on the increase. These can have a devastating impact on how we feel and make life quite miserable. Sophisticated bio-warfare tools which selectively target certain types of DNA are also currently being used by the military. An opportunity to share and exchange useful multi-dimensional and 3D tools, to keep us safe and ultimately free us from these damaging spectrums.

Fun & Games

Just for fun - these webinars are pure play time. Together, we can tune into optimised timelines, accelerate into new multi-dimensional velocities and spin colour in the interprism spheres. Explore experiences that are beyond fixed dimensions and into the fields of singularity and beyond. Colour, music, and craziness. Join the nature beings, animals and star family in celebration for what is opening up as we come together as one.

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