New Terms of Engagement for Us and the Nature Beings

In the evolution of the planet it has been difficult if not impossible for animals to live together with humans in Oneness. Survival and fear factors intertwined us in a dance through the ages. But Nyanga the White Lion reminds us us that the old contract has been torn up and that it is time to sign up to the New Terms of Engagement between humans and nature beings as they are key to living in Oneness together.   [more]

The White Bison tells us that inner knowingness is one of the Terms of Engagement for the New Earth where humans and nature beings can live together in Oneness. Through the earth connection knowingness is found. Through the roots of the trees and via the roots of your feet grounded and firm – knowingness is sucked upwards and drawn up and into the body. This energy confirms that you are one with the diverse universal expression and patterning of this planet.  [more]

A bugle plant reminds us trust is key. She says that “it is no good if all the nature beings are in trust, harmony and oneness with Gaia, but you humans remain ever questioning and separated from your own heart’s knowingness. This would make it impossible for us all to sit in Oneness. And a trust-based connection in the Oneness between all nature beings and humans is one of the Terms of Engagement for a new earth experience. [more]

The South African Whale reminds us about the importance of harmony. Each frequency layer, whether of one circle or multiple concentric rings, will always strike a perfect chord – a harmony of oneness. So if humans are to be with us all on the new earth, they must embrace the harmonic convergence and understand that harmony and balance between humans and nature beings is essential. [more]

Holding the healing frequency of oneness with all nature beings is another one of the Terms of Engagement. Machu Picchu explains that she works with the sun, the stars, and the moon as well as the surrounding mountains and forests to help optimise the Gaia healing of the waters. We can all help to heal the planet through the Oneness. [more]

Let go of all fear,” says the Lilly of the Valley. As nature beings, we express ourselves as part of the divine flow and fear is not a part of this. In humans, fear is integrated into every level. Each human tree of life forms an important part of the whole, and if one element within the form is flexed with fear, the integrity of the whole will be impaired. [more]

Lake Titicaca reminds us to follow the flow of the heart, because it is through the heart that all choices are available. Human minds constrain and restrict the understanding of choice. “Imagine that my depths (a resonation of your own heart) represent different stratas of awareness and cast your intention to the level that you desire,” she says. [more]

"Raise your vibration to match nature", says Uluru. “If humans are to work as equals and in partnership with nature beings, then you must raise your vibration so that we are all on the same wavelength. The more closely you resonate with your core essence, the more authentic the connection you can make with us.” [more]

There is no head chef in the restaurant of life. The universal mother does not love us less nor does she consider nature beings to be less important than humans. Trees are not better than pansies because they are bigger or older. In other words, says the Evening Primrose, we are all equal with nature. The manifestation of the New Earth cannot take place in a hierarchical environment where humans believe that they are at the centre with the nature beings pitching in around them. [more]

Finally, Sid the Silverweed (Potentilla) reveals how you can sign-up to the new Terms of Engagement.“It’s very simple. Sign-up through your feet while you’re walking – it doesn’t matter where. With each step you take, tap this message through the soles (souls) of your feet whilst you say: True to the depths of the earth I am, True to the stars in the sky, True to my heart – the sun and the moon. As the roots of the trees intertwine – see the truth of the light divine.[more]

True to the depths of the earth I am, True to the stars in the sky, True to my heart – the sun and the moon. As the roots of the trees intertwine – see the truth of the light divine.