Strength in Family

Our Original Families are our Ticket to Beyond the Beyond

The connection I have with my team is my lifeline, my pulse point. Why? Because in this light stream I feel both complete and whole. This connection is a non-stop source of learning, stimulation, inspiration and fun. It helps me to understand why I am here and puts the earth experience into a more meaningful context.

Beyond Here to Home is designed to help facilitate the deepest and most accelerated home connection available to you, and goes beyond what it means to be multi-dimensional. Take back ownership of your home frequency and it's many multi-faceted expressions, get to know your team better and stretch beyond any limitations.

Beyond Here to Home

Phase 1: Ignition

Meaning of life: why are we here and how to go beyond just making the best of it.

Tuning into off-planet and intra-cellular frequencies to find your home stream.

Revising your light stream in the internodes - this means expanding the capacity of your cells to absorb your home frequency.

321,321,321 - removing all limitations holding back speed noding in your inner occlusion spheres - this means an opening of the heart and heart expansion into beyond the beyond.

Phase 2: Lift-Off

Fun phase lift-off!

'Bounce rate' activation/fine tuning - upping your  outer-dimensional vibrational frequency.

An alignment to the horizontal flow - opening and optimising your home channels in the lower time spheres.

Multi-dimensional immersion into what 'home' feels like.

Discovering new navigation tools/frequencies.

Phase 3: Home Landing

Removing any flight path limitations, constrictions, restrictions and constraints.

What are the most fun? Aligning to your higher purpose.

Mentored mission with and the nature beings into beyond the beyond.

Celebrations, gifts and abundance exchange.

Integration, optimisation and support.

What Next?

If you are interested in Beyond Here to Home, contact me for a chat first.  Integration space is important as is a high level of commitment to deep internal transformation.