Strength in Family

Our Star Families are our Ticket to Beyond the Beyond

The connection I have with my team is my lifeline, my pulse point. Why? Because in this light stream I feel both complete and whole. This connection is a non-stop source of learning, stimulation, inspiration and fun. It helps me to understand why I am here and puts the earth experience into a more meaningful context.

A direct connection to our higher selves, star family and multi-dimensional friends in a unified field is the single most precious expression of consciousness that we can experience in this lifetime.

Beyond Here to Home is designed to facilitate the deepest and most accelerated multi-dimensional connection available to you. This home frequency stream means that you can start to take complete ownership of your multi-dimensional exploration, the direction of travel as well as the speed of progress.

It is a very intense and highly indvidualised process, which requires a real commitment to change and transformation - because your life is unlikely to ever be the same again...

Beyond Here to Home - the Journey

Phase 1: Ignition

  • Set goals and objectives.
  • What exactly does change and transformation mean?
  • Review of support systems.
  • Evaluation of current `home` connection strength?
  • Scan of your star/galactic lineage for potential blocks/damage.
  • Un-plugging of false ascension/AI signatures, genome sequencing plates, false galatic time plates, imprints, implants etc.

Phase 2: Lift-Off

  • Your history and why you incarnated here.
  • Multi-dimensional exploration of your stellar DNA and its mapped relationship to your physical body.
  • Multi-dimensional immersion into what `home`feels like.
  • Lineage scan and activation at a cellular level.
  • 'Bounce rate' activation/fine tuning.
  • An Alignment to the Horizontal Flow.
  • Activation of new navigation tools/frequencies.

Phase 3: Home Landing

  • Final lineage scan and cellular activation.
  • Clearing any hybridisation platforms.
  • Understanding your family map.
  • Removing any flight path limitations.
  • An exploration of your mission on this planet.
  • Mentored mission with
  • Family gift exchange in celebration!
  • Integration of the frequency into daily life.

If you are interested in Beyond Here to Home, contact me for a chat first. This is to establish what you are seeking to achieve and to agree the best way forward. The offering can be delivered in as few as three sessions (two hours each), or it may require more time. Integration space is important as is a high level of committment to deep internal transformation.